All About Instant Coffee

If you can’t afford a coffee maker and you can’t do without a morning cup of Joe, then instant coffee is your saving. Maybe not as good as traditionally brewed coffee, but some instant coffee brands come quite close to the real thing.

Instant coffee also saves you time and money. And health-wise, there is not much difference in regular coffee and instant one. Besides being cheap and fast, it also makes for the lowest-volume solution for getting your caffeine fix in the mornings.

One drawback though – the lovely aroma of coffee that java drinkers love to wake up to gets lost to a large extent after instant coffee is brewed. The yummy coffee smell doesn’t survive freeze-drying and spray-drying, which are the two methods used for making instant coffee.

In 1901, a Japanese scientist invented instant coffee in Chicago. But the coffee business really boomed during the second world war and due to a lucky coincidence, instant coffee was made using the same technology that makes penicillin.

So how is the best tasting instant coffee made?

Coffee beans are roasted the same way as traditional coffee and then dissolved in water to concentrate the coffee solution. Freeze-drying or spray-drying is carried out next to dry them out to crystals or powder.

You add hot water and the granules re-hydrate to form instant coffee for you.